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Consulting 专业咨询

ZoneStone aims to be your best music counselor & supervisor. We will help you with getting a clear idea and making a tangible plan in all the music aspects of your projects.

Film Scoring 影视作曲

With our team of professional Hollywood film composers, ZoneStone creates the ideal music scores and soundtracks for your projects.

Songs 歌曲制作

Our Emmy, Grammy award-winning team will share its vast experience to create and produce the original songs that your film&TV projects need.

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Customize Music Libraries


ZoneStone Intl Talents


Music Supervision & Music Management


ZoneStone's customized music libraries either provides TV stations and production companies with a music library to license soundtracks, or creates a personal library for your company.

ZoneStone provides you with international music talents, based on the needs of the project as well as the content and budget.

ZoneStone offers a full-scale music supervising, publishing and management service for your projects, TV stations, production companies and music libraries.

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