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格莱美奖、艾美奖得住,美国著名好莱坞工业影视音乐音效师、录音师、混音师、作曲家。毕业于伯克利音乐学院,创作制作无数经典高品质音乐。精通音频软硬件,技术专业、经验丰富,是Warner Bros\HBO等好莱坞电影电视制作公司御用音乐混音师。


Dino Herrmann is a Grammy Awards winner, Emmy Awards winner, Hollywood composer who is also very famous for audio postproduction such as final film mixing, dialogue editing, sound design and location recording.

After moving to Boston in 1989, Dino power-schooled it nitro-style straight through his music courses at Berklee, finishing all of the classes for his four-year degree in just two years. Fast forward six years now and Dino is a savvy DAW guru who is launching a successful composing company, and busting his way into music/film as a composer, engineer, programmer, and editor, contributing to Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Lopez, and American Hi-Fi, and is credited for his work on films from Alien Vs. Predator to The Day After Tomorrow.

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